We’re back 28 June!

28th June we’re at the excellent Bill Murray Pub in Islington. We’ll be looking at “meaning and significance”.

Post pandemic we’ve all had a chance to reassess what is significant to us. For one thing it turns out that “Batloaf” was the real meat out of hell. But what else have we learnt about what was important, significant and meaningful? Is the internet now an essential right? Can face to face contact be replaced by online? Are we now truly digital creatures?

June 28th (2021!) features the brilliant Ahir Shah, Chelsea Birkby, Anna George, and Alex Farrow. All hosted by Charlie Duncan Saffrey

Tickets at: angelcomedy.co.uk https://www.angelcomedy.co.uk/event-detail/stand-up-philosophy-28th-jun-the-bill-murray-london-tickets-202106282030/

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