Stand-up Philosophy #40: ‘History’

Stand-up Philosophy is back for the new year – with Charlie back in the host’s seat (well, kind of perching by the window). And with 2016 now behind us, this month we look at HISTORY.

History is important. But why? And what even is it?

Are people who don’t know history really doomed to repeat it? Can we free ourselves from our personal histories? Can history be re-written? And was ‘HIStory’ really Michael Jackson’s worst album?

Joining Charlie to answer these questions will be…

ISZI LAWRENCE! (Stand-up comedian and host of hit history podcast ‘Z-List Dead List’)

BISHA ALI! (Brilliant stand-up)

ELLA AL-SHAMAHI! (Comedian and Archaeo-paleoanthropological legend)

HARRY HOUSEHAM! (Stand-up and Director of the Oxford Imps)

With host and philosopher/comedian CHARLIE DUNCAN SAFFREY!



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