Stand-up Philosophy #22: ‘Dating’

DATING. A topic which people evidently care about but has been largely ignored by nearly all the great philosophers. (Probably because they couldn’t get dates.)

Well, now it’s time for Stand-up Philosophy to fix that, because Stand-up Philosophy is HOT and totally gets like LOADS of views on its online profile.

Has the internet changed the meaning of dating for us? What exactly counts as a date? Is there a clear ‘ethics of dating?’ Has OkCupid killed monogamy? And how exactly do you pick a good username?

Trying to answer this and other questions, will be

Multiple-award-winning comedian

Stand-up, author and self-confessed internet dating addict

Writer and dating expert

Stand-up Philosopher and host of Wycombe Skeptics

Hosted by philosophy’s answer to Cilla Black, CHARLIE DUNCAN SAFFREY!

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