Stand-up Philosophy 4: ‘Art’

Tuesday 6th August

The problem of art, what it is and what it means has been a puzzle for philosophers for millenia – possibly because nobody’s tried to solve it through the medium of stand-up in the upstairs room of a pub before.

The show was probably the most passionately debated one yet, and featured:

Stand-up, Columnist, and star of TV and Radio ANGELA BARNES, whose autobiographical account of artistic value concluded with a live pictionary session, and the audience agreed that she is definitely a proficient artist

Philosophy Lecturer and Star of BBC Radio’s ‘Night Waves’ TIMOTHY SECRET, who argued that the idea of ‘expression’ should be kept out of philosophical discussions of artistic value

Stand-up comedian and artist JAMES MASON, who argued that art has some relationship with ideology;

And philosopher and blogger STEPHEN REYNOLDS, whose whistlestop tour of theories of art concluded with an institutional-historical theory which everyone hated either because it was too broad or not broad enough.

Hosted by CHARLIE DUNCAN SAFFREY (who at one point accidentally offended all the architects in the world by saying the shard isn’t intended as an artwork.)

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