Stand-up Philosophy #1: ‘The Meaning of Life’

For the first night, we started with the theme question of ‘The Meaning of Life’ – because it does seem to be the first question that people start with in Philosophy.

The audience were fantastic and lovely, and so were the acts.

CHARLIE hosted the night, but also started things off with an argument that the meaning of life is found in happiness – which for most of us entails shared happiness with special other people; 

BRODERICK CHOW argued that if life can be given meaning, we can do it though attempts to ‘organise’, ‘know yourself’, and ‘be a dog-person’;

PATRICK LEVY argued for a Levinasian other-grounded ethical life;

and AHIR SHAH argued that life is basically chaotic and that looking for meaning is futile.

And yet, we all decided to come back next month anyway…

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