What is Stand-up Philosophy?

STAND-UP PHILOSOPHY is a live philosophy show a bit like stand-up comedy, only instead of just being funny, it’s also philosophical.

A mixture of academic philosophers and brilliant comedians (with a different line-up and theme for every show) try to answer the big questions of philosophy, and discuss them with a live audience.

Basically it’s like a cross between a stand-up comedy night and a public lecture, only more fun.

And there’s a bar.

Come even if you’re just curious!

Stand-up Philosophy: Rules

1. Each philosopher on the bill is given 8-12 minutes to make an argument which answers some philosophical problem

2. The philosopher then takes SHORT questions/objections from the audience

3. Excessive use of jargon and/or unnecessary name-dropping of philosophers is banned

4. Tell people why they’re wrong, but don’t be an arse about it


6 thoughts on “What is Stand-up Philosophy?

    1. Hi Utah! No, you don’t need to book! But it’s worth getting there early on Saturdays/Sundays during the Fringe in case the room fills up quickly…

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